Innovation Agents: Interview with Anna Navarro and Nuri Bordas

Within the Som-Inn Port Open Innovation Cycle 2021 activity program, a new initiative called “Innovation Agents” has been   incorporated  to inspire the ecosystem to continue innovating from the experiences of its innovation agents.

We started this initiative with an interview with Anna Navarro and Nuri Bordas, Som-Inn Port  innovation agents and members of the Information Systems Directorate of the Port Authority of Tarragona. Very recently the  Idea project  World Friendly/ Port ,  which they presented in the Ports 4.0 call, has been selected in the  intrapreneurship ideas section.

Anna Navarro and Nuri Bordas, Som-Inn Port innovation agents, during the interview conducted by Viviana Forero from Induct and Carme Tarragó,   Som-Inn Port coordinator

Good morning Anna and Nuri. First of all, we want to thank you for doing this interview and congratulate you again because your World friendly/port idea has been selected in the intrapreneurship section of the Ports 4.0 call.

Since when have you been working at the Tarragona Port Authority?

Nuri has been working at the port for 5 years, and I  have been here for seven. Both of us are dedicated to the IT projects management in the information systems management.


How did you become part of Som-Inn  Port?

When the innovation ecosystem was created in 2018, we signed up voluntarily, as we had concerns about everything related to innovation. The Port Authority facilitated the participation of workers throughout the cycle.


How is your experience as innovation agents with  your  participation in the Som-Inn Port Open Innovation Cycles?

To us the balance of having participated in  Som-inn  Port is very positive. At Som-Inn Port we worked throughout the innovation cycle, from idea to proof of concept, and  this acquired knowledge has helped us start developing the idea we’ve presented in Ports 4.0 funds.

Until now we knew it theoretically, and with Som-Inn Port we have been able to live it and put it into practice.


Would you recommend to participate  in Som-Inn Port activities? Why?

 Yes, we recommend it to anyone who wants to innovate as it gives you the opportunity to develop innovation projects with professionals from different companies and areas of the territory. When it comes to facing challenges to solve, it’s very enriching to share ideas with diverse people.

In addition, it has helped us to create the foundation of our World Friendly/Port. If we had not participated in  Som-inn Port, we would not have presented any ideas to  Ports  4.0 funds.


How did the World Friendly/Port idea come out?

At Som-Inn Port we developed the idea of Woman Friendly/ Port, which is to work to make ports friendlier and more attractive to women and thus attract female talent. This was the origin of the idea World friendly/  Port.

From the beginning we knew that we wanted to move forward with the idea of Woman Friendly/ Port, but when the bases of Ports 4.0 funds were published we thought we would have more options if we expanded the scope of the idea. That’s where the World Friendly/Port came from.


What is the idea of World Friendly/Port? What is the innovative component of this idea?

The Word Friendly/ Port idea is based on the definition of a new port model, based on three axes: Earth, digital and people Friendly, which serves as a common framework for all ports, and which allows to unify criteria and analyze their development at the global level with a view to the sustainable development objectives (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

We want to identify the level of model compliance on each port and provide data and information that enables ports to accelerate the development of projects that favor SDG compliance and accelerate entry into the 4th industrial revolution of ports.

We believe that the innovative component is in creating a knowledge base that objectively allows us to guide the path that ports must follow to meet their objectives. Getting the most information to generate quality indicators will be key to deciding which projects add value to ports.


What could the development of this idea mean for ports?

 Our idea is that the World Friendly/Port will help ports accelerate compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, creating a knowledge base that allows ports to learn from the successes and failures of other ports.


What does it mean to you that this idea has been selected in the Port 4.0 call?

It was like closing a circle. That seed that we started with the Woman Friendly/Port, ends up growing because it has been selected in the intrapreneurship section of the Ports 4.0 fund. We hope that with the proof of the concept, we can demonstrate that it can bear fruit by being implemented in ports around the world.


Anna and Nuri, thank you very much for this interview!! We encourage you in the next steps that you must take to carry out the proof of concept of your idea. Som-Inn!!


April 20th 2021


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